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Schools Twinning Scheme

Education Uganda operates a twinning scheme between Hampshire and Kasese District Primary Schools. We welcome indications of interest in twinning from UK primary schools. There is no charge to schools for participating in this scheme but we do expect schools to raise funds to support Education Uganda’s work in their twinned school.

Teachers from four Hampshire Schools have visited Kasese schools and established extremely successful partnerships. Teachers from their Ugandan partner schools have visited the UK and pupils now communicate regularly   learning about each others’ way of life. In 2010 a further nine Hampshire schools joined the twinning scheme.


  •  is a partnership from which both schools must benefit
  • gives the opportunity to explore the culture of another country and learn through first hand exchange of information
  • broadens cross curricula experiences and themes by undertaking joint curriculum work e.g. the environment in our communities
  • enriches pupils’ lives as they develop an understanding of the diversity of each others’ cultures and the world we share
  • raises awareness of broader global issues and the need for respect for each other
  • enables schools to meet their obligations of Rights, Respect and Responsibility, PSHE and Ofsted’s requirements

How to Proceed

  • Invite Education Uganda to visit you
  • Contact a Hampshire school with an  established link to find out how they have benefited
  • We will identify a Ugandan school for you and make the introduction giving details of how our twinning scheme operates. We only accept Ugandan schools with e-mail for easier communication.
  • Consider how you can raise £250 to buy a year’s supply of slates and chalk. We do not charge a twinning fee but we expect UK twinned schools to raise funds to support their twinned school in this way
  • Write to your Ugandan school and initiate a partnership agreement. We can advise on this

For the Future

  • Education Uganda offers support through our UK Twinning Coordinator and Ugandan Project Coordinator based in Kasese
  • We can take letters to your school on our annual visit
  • Your school can promote twinning through assemblies, displays and Uganda days and incorporate twinning into curriculum work
  • You can e-mail your school with your news
  • You can borrow our stock of Ugandan artefacts and invite us to talk to pupils
  • You can promote twinning within your community of parents and governors to help in raising funds to support your twinned school.


Education Uganda's Twinned Schools:

Ampfield Church of England Primary School

St Barnabas Model School, Kasese
Broughton Primary School

Kajwenge Primary School, Kasese
Calmore Infants School, Southampton

Kagando Primary School, Kasese
Compton All Saints C of E Primary School

Railway Primary School, Kasese
Endeavour Primary School, Andover

Ibanda Primary School, Ibanda
Halterworth Primary School, Romsey

Kanyatsi Primary School, Bwera
Kings Somborne Primary School

Kamaiba Primary School, Kasese
Knights Enham Junior School, Andover

Kyabikuha Primary School, Kasese
Merton Infants School, Basingstoke

King Primary School, Kasese
Norman Gate Primary School, Andover

  Katiri Primary School, Kasese
Otterbourne Primary School

Katiri Primary School, Kasese
Shakespeare Junior School, Chandlers Ford

Kitalikibi Primary School
Test Valley School, Stockbridge

Kibanzanga High School, Kasese
Wellow Primary School

Kihara Primary School, Kasese

In addition to Education Uganda’s twinned schools, the following schools in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in the Kasese District of Uganda have been twinned through a scheme run by Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire.

Clanfield Junior School   Bukorwe Primary School
Liss Junior School   Kafura Primary School
Herne Junior School   Nyakatonzi Primary School
Hart Plain Jr & Harbour School Tipner   Katunguru Primary School


contact: Mr Steve Peach, Conservation Ranger

steve.peach@hants.gov.uk           www.queenelizabethparks.org


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