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Winter 2015 - Books for Schools and Latest Evaluations

Books for Schools January 2015
During last year Education Uganda has embarked on a major new initiative to develop libraries in selected schools in the Kasese School District. A report is available here evaluating our progress and outlining our targets.
Evaluation of slates and chalk
We have received a further very positive evaluation of the impact of the slates and chalk programme from Winchester University, based on the recent data collected from schools. Click here to read it.

Autumn 2013 - Twinned School Linking with Classpals

As part of the Education Uganda supported school twinning, 3 Andover schools have supported their twin schools with laptops and air time and in one case a solar panel where there is no electricity so that they can get on line for pupils to talk to each other.

Read the latest report here.

Chris Lloyd
Winter 2012-13 - EU Evaluation Report

We wish all our supporters and friends a successful New Year.

We are hoping to undertake 2 trips in 2013:

In March we will be going to Kasese with some retired Hampshire teachers who are considering taking a future placement to support the project, and initiating our Books for Schools project putting libraries into 2 schools.

In July we will be hopefully supporting 3 UK exchange teachers in their twinning, and beginning our accreditation of slate use in the schools, to recognise the best practice.

We are really pleased to have had a formal academic evaluation of what we have been achieving with slates and chalk in Kasese School District and this is available for you to read by clicking here.

Summer 2012 - Trustees Review and Planning Visits

The EU team visited Uganda again this year to review the charity's work and plan the next two years of the project.

It was another whistle stop visit, with three primary teaching colleagues twinning with Kagando and Kyabikuha schools, and two new colleagues who have done some amazing research into the use of laptops to support twinning between Hampshire and Kasese district schools.

Read the latest report here.

Chris Lloyd
Summer 2011 - Chair of Trustees visits Kasese

Chris Lloyd spent 5 days working with the project this year, at the end of a sponsored trek in the Rwenzori Mountains which raised 2,500 for the project.

For more details on Chris' visit please click here.

Chris Lloyd
Autumn 2010 - Additional Patron Appointed

We are delighted to be able to report that The Rt. Rev. Jackson Nzerebende Tembo, Bishop of South Rwenzori Diocese, Church of Uganda, has graciously accepted the invitation from Education Uganda’s trustees to become a patron of our charity.

Bishop Jackson wrote “I am personally proud of this organisation because it is strengthening schools and education services in Rwenzori”

Bishop Jackson
Summer 2010 - Trustees to Visit Kasese / New DVD of Kagando

Trustees to Visit Kasese

Three trustees travelled to Kasese in late September to undertake a range of tasks:

  • making a DVD of training with slates for use in the Kasese area.
  • completing and distributing the slate training manual.
  • exploring the possibility that tourists at the local QE2 safari park can be a source of funding for the project.
  • gathering data to show the impact of the project on the attainment and progress of pupils.

New DVD of Kagando Primary School

We have received a new DVD of Kagando School from Helen and David Lyth based at Kagando Hospital. Helen is currently teaching at the school. We thank them for this lovely insight into school life. To see the new video of the school click here.

Summer 2010 - Funding for School Links

Good news: the four Hampshire schools which sent exchange teachers to Kasese School District have been successful in getting more funding to continue their links.

They will be developing curriculum links with their partner schools and we wish them all the best for next year.

The schools are:

  • Wolverdene and Kings Somborne twinned with Ibanda and Kamaiba Schools respectively.
  • Shakespeare Junior and Calmore Infants twinned with Kitalikibi and Kagando Schools respectively.
Spring 2010 - 10,000 Slates arrive in Kasese

The first consignment of 10,000 individual blackboards (slates) supplied by Education Uganda arrived in Kasese early in 2010. Here we see them being distributed to primary school headteachers.

slate distribution     slate distribution

These slates were purchased in China from a source that supplies very large volumes to UNICEF. Hence the landed cost in Kasese was considerably cheaper than locally purchased slates. Education Uganda plans to supply a further 150,000 slates to Kasese District primary schools over the next three years.

Spring 2010 - Training for the clergy

We had a workshop for all the clergy and their spouses in the Diocese in March 2010 that we facilitated jointly. We trained them in the use of slates while demonstrating to them and we shared the importance of using slates in the teaching/learning process.

clergy training     clergy training

We did this because they are the immediate supervisors of all Church schools and some of them are chairpersons of school committees of some schools. They enjoyed the game and pledged to encourage teachers to use them.

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