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Education Uganda is a registered charity based in Hampshire and formed in 2006. Its trustees are mainly experienced educationalists whose main aim is to improve primary education in Uganda by the use of individual blackboards, known in Uganda as slates, following techniques used successfully and now fully embedded in English primary schools using individual whiteboards.

In the Kasese District of western Uganda the adoption of universal primary education has resulted in classes of up to 100 children with one, often poorly trained, teacher standing at the front. Following an initial fact finding visit in summer 2005, a group of Hampshire teachers worked in a teacher training college and four selected model Ugandan schools in the summer of 2007 to develop the use of the individual blackboards and to train Ugandan teachers in their use. This initial venture was hugely successful, and since then our growing team of expert Ugandan practioners has introduced interactive teaching through the use of slates into 200 schools teaching around 100,000 children. Reports sent regularly from our Ugandan project coordinator and monitoring visits from the UK report major successes. Ugandan national examination results are starting to indicate a real advantage in using slates.

This success has been due:

  • Firstly, many Ugandan schools and the Ugandan Department of Education were already aware of slates but teachers had not been trained in their use or provided with adequate supplies of them.

  • Secondly, an experienced teacher, the Revd Asa Kiriaghe, was appointed to run the project. Following initial training, he has continued to lead and develop this initiative. He is supported from the UK with the necessary resources and guidance to ensure the project’s continuing success.

  • And lastly, but not least, this programme is using the experience of individual whiteboards in UK schools and applying it successfully.

Over the next two years we plan to introduce interactive teaching through the use of slates to all 420 primary schools in the Kasese District, teaching 200,000 children.


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Simple and effective tools for learning, involving practice and repetition
Have the capacity to engage, motivate, give enjoyment and the chance for the child to succeed without the fear of failure
Are a process, not a product, involving the active, practical and concentrated participation of the child
Positively reinforces learning in each child through successive practice, building confidence in success, and providing personal ownership
Are simple to use, enabling the teacher to remain in control, but facilitates and influences the curriculum, motivating teachers to share ideas and to add value to the curriculum
Builds upon the teacher’s current work, reinforcing their skills and expertise, and providing opportunities for the continuous assessment of children’s learning
Are adaptable and flexible tools which can work in all languages
Can deliver the functional competencies in English and Mathematics
Are low maintenance, low cost, reusable, replaceable and portable